CENTER engages the public by "Celebrating the Creative Life", being an inspiring hub designed for communal exploration of arts and culture, championing living artists, and creating a space where visionary artworks come to life!

A 4 week painting with acrylic class focused on the Spirit of Place in Chattahoochee Hills, taught by Thomas Swanston.


This class is rooted in experimentation, risk taking and self-discovery. From material use, technique and theory, to the social context of great art, this class will foster a nuanced understanding of working in nature and the studio, while presenting opportunities for creative and intellectual enrichment.

This class is for beginning, lapsed practitioners, part timers to the experienced. Class has limited enrollment of 10. Beginning at 12 PM ~ 2:00PM. Cost $299; a material list will be provided when you sign up.

Discover the healing power of group Reiki in this community based reiki experience. Led by Reiki Master Practitioner, Nicole Ramos. Whether you are new to reiki or have worked with Nicole individually, this class is designed for all and provides a safe space for healing and growth. These sessions blend breath work, guided meditation and gentle touch to align the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. Join us and experience the transformative potential of communal energy work.


4 week session - $200. Starts Monday, May 6th @ 6PM - 7:30PM

Max 4 participants

All props are provided.




Embrace Clay

Embrace Your Creativity!




Get ready to dive into the world of ceramics with our Hand-Building Class, where pottery meets Japanese aesthetics. Join BJ Glick for a practical and engaging exploration of clay, tailored for adult beginners. No experience needed—just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm!


Craft Connections Through Clay

In our classes, you'll experience the joy of shaping clay into unique pieces while building connections with fellow enthusiasts. No pressure, no pretense—just a relaxed space to let your creativity flow.


Japanese Aesthetics Unveiled

Discover the elegance of Japanese design as we infuse your creations with the essence of Wabi-Sabi—finding beauty in simplicity and imperfection. Your pieces will tell a story, a blend of your personal touch and the artistic principles inspired by the storied ceramics of Japan.


What to Expect:

  • Two 90-Minute Making Sessions: Januaray 11th and 18th. Dive into the hands-on process of shaping clay in two focused sessions. Perfect for beginners, our classes are designed to make pottery accessible and enjoyable. Expect to make 3-5 pieces in these two sessions.
  • Third Class: January 27th, Glazing and Raku Kiln Firing (Weekend, 3-4 Hours): Cap off your experience with a thrilling session dedicated to glazing and firing your creations in a Raku kiln, where ceramics are taken out of the kiln glowing hot, placed in a bed of straw set a flame and are doused with water in a beautiful steaming spectacle. The weekend class will take 3-4 hours, giving you a truly immersive Raku experience. 
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from an expert, BJ Glick, committed to nurturing your artistic journey. Our instructor will guide you through every step, ensuring you feel confident and inspired.
  • All Materials Provided: We've got you covered! All the tools and materials you need to bring your visions to life are included. Just bring your enthusiasm and an open mind!

Embrace the Clay, Embrace Your Creativity

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot now for an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Join us as we mold dreams into reality, one clay masterpiece at a time.

Ready to shape your story in clay? Reserve your spot today!

Let's embark on this creative journey together!


Important Enrollment Notes: Class size is limited; Cost $299

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